GriStar Series グライスター シリーズ プロのための自動工具研削盤

Regrinding 3 Flutes Drill on GriStar Series

Oct. 24. 2021

 In this article, we will discuss about 3F drill’s regrinding on GriStar Series regrinding machines.



Applicable Shape

The GriStar series regrinding machines are applicable for regrinding 3F drill. Thinning option can be selected from “X Thinning” and “R Thinning”.

For other applicable tool diameters and shapes, please refer to the comparison table below.

 Tip Diameter 3.00mm~20.00mm 4, 6, 8 4, 6, 8
 Tip Angle 125.0°~165.0° 130.0°~165.0° 130.0°~165.0°
 Step Part Available N/A N/A
 Chamfer Available Available Available
 Thinning X, R, None X, R, None X, R, None



Try Setting 

Click the “Tool Type Setting” tag in the upper left corner to switch the tool type to “3F Drill”, and change the grinding wheel accordingly.


Install the grinding wheel in the opposite direction from drill grinding. Please be careful.


After entering the dimensions of the grinding wheel and replacing it, set up the tool parameters.

The main setting items are as follows.

Thinning … Select the thinning shape from “X”, “R”, “None”.

Chamfer … Select the chamfer shape from “Flat”, “Cone”, “None”.

Diameter … Enter the diameter of tip part.

Point angle … Enter the tip angle. Note that the grinding wheel may interfere with the back blade depending on this angle.

Helix angle … Enter the flute’s helix angle.

Phase angle … For a 3-flute drill, enter the angle from the center to the relief’s most outer point, not the blade thickness as in the case of a regular 2-flute drill.

Relief … Set the relief angle.

2nd Relief angle … Set the second relief angle.

Radius angle… Enter the thinning radius angle.

R radius… Enter the R diameter when performing R thinning.


This is the end of the 3F drill regrinding introduction article.



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