GriStar Series グライスター シリーズ プロのための自動工具研削盤

Regrinding endmills on GriStar Series No.5 (Flutes)

Oct. 13. 2021

In this article, we will discuss about endmill’s flutes regrinding.


Applicable Shape

For rake groove grinding, 2 to 6 blades can be ground with the GriStar Multi 5 Axis.

Applicable blade length is up to 80.00mm.



Try Setting 

Click the “Tool Type / Grinding Wheel Setting” tag in the upper left corner to switch the tool type to “Flute”. Also change the grinding wheel.

The next step is to set the tool parameters on the edit screen. The main parameters are described as below.

described as below.

Tool diameter … The outer diameter of the tool. Make sure to enter it correctly. 

Groove depth … The depth of the rake groove. It is difficult to measure on a torsional curved surface, so set it as a percentage of the tool diameter or measure it with a gauge as shown in the image below.

Rake angle … The angle of the rake groove. The rake angle and the relief angle of the outer edge form the outer edge of the blade.

Wheel Turn Angle … The angle at which the grinding wheel is swung in relation to the twist of the groove. The wider the angle, the wider the curved surface at the bottom of the groove will be.

For general parameter setting values, please refer to the table below.

ParameterParameter Value (Reference)
Flute Depth12% to 15% of outside diameter or actual measurement with gauge
Rake Angle3°~5°
Wheel Turn Angle0°~2°



Set the tool

Click the tool set button and chuck the tool within the applicable tool length range.

At this time, you can also rotate the spindle by using the “Axis operation mode” on the tool set screen to perform runout.

It is also recommended to turn on the “Helix measurement” check box at this time, as grinding with this button off will be based on the helix angle and outer diameter setting, but in most cases, grinding with “Helix measurement” will be more accurate.

Once the tools are set, close the door and click the start button to start operation.

This is an overview of the method of end mill flute grinding.



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