GriStar Series グライスター シリーズ プロのための自動工具研削盤

Honing machine GriStar Honing

GriStar Honing グライスターホーニングとは

The GriStar Honing is a drill grinding finish machine that was developed to achieve the best cutting environment also extended the tool life by precisely processing the blade in advance, avoiding chipping and breaking.

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About GriStar Honing

High quality honing achieved by anyone

GriStar Honing allows you to achieve your ideal honing process in just three steps. It’s easy for anyone to implement.

①Set the drill and align
the cutting edge.
②Press the button to
set the working times.
③Press the Start




Description GriStar Honing
Type GH(φ3~φ20)
Chucking method Spring collet
Applicable drill size φ3~φ20mm
Applicable tip angle 90°~160°
Applicable drill Right hand 2 flutes   Total length over 45mm (except for taper shank)
Dimensions Approx. H240mm×W440mm×D350mm
Net weight Approx. 22kg
Power source Single ph. AC100V 50/60Hz
Fuse Rated voltage 125V   Rated current 10A (6.4x30mm)
Motor output 65W
Dust collector diameter Outer diameterφ32mm (machine back)

Holder set/Power cord/Wheel brush

Wrench for tip angle adjustment