GriStar Series グライスター シリーズ プロのための自動工具研削盤

5 Axis automatic tool grinding machine GriStar Multi 5Axis

GriStar Multi Evolution グライスター マルチ エボリューションとは

The GriStar Multi 5 Axis is capable of grinding various kinds of cutting tools, including drill, end mill (ball, radius, square), tap and reamer.
As an upgraded version of GriStar Multi Evolution, it has achieved high accuracy and compatibility with a wide variety of cutting tools while maintaining the outstanding operability and a space-saving body.


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GriStar Multi Evolution の特徴

Applicable for Various Tool Grinding

GriStar Multi 5 Axis is applicable for grinding various kinds of cutting tools, including drill, endmill (square, radius, ball), tap, reamer. Over 50 types of tool grinding could be done by this machine. (More than 25 tool shapes applicable, both in HSS and Carbide)

・2F,3F Drill 2F Step Drill
・Square End Mill 2-6 flutes  ・Radius End Mill 2-4 flutes
・Ball End Mill 2-4 flutes  ・Tap  ・Reamer
・3F Countersink  ・Half End Mill
・Engraver  ・2F-Chamfering Cutter  ・Flat Cutter
・End Mill Cutting Edge  ・Neck  ・Gun Drill


User Friendly Interface

The GriStar Multi 5 Axis has a easily viewable graphic interface, inherited from Cyber RC’s original graphical interface, which is easy to read and operate. The edited data will all be saved and can be called out freely. (5000 per tool)

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Tool Positioning System for High Precision Grinding

Cyber RC has developed a new tool positioning system using Cyber RC’s originally designed stylus and high accuracy sensors. This system provides high accuracy and stability of measurement and improves productivity dramatically.

・Tool length measurement
・Rotate phase detector
・Helix angle measurement
・Chucking runout measurement


Specification Description GriStar Multi 5 Axis
Model number GM5
Dimensions(including frame) H1,700mmxW900mmxD1,000mm
Net weight Approx. 250kg
Tool clamp Spring collet chucking way
Work position detective device Touch probe sensor
Wheel Axis 750W servo motor
Control Axis 5 Axies simultaneous CNC control
Coolant supply Complete wet type by coolant pump
Coolant oil Water insoluble grinding oil
Display device TFT liquid crystal monitor (1280x1024 SXGA)
Power source Single ph. 200~240V 2Kw 50/60Hz
Operation USB mouse
External port USB2.0x4(one for mouse)
Usage environment Indoor only
Ambient environment(recommend) 20℃~30℃
Ambient humidity(recommend) 45%~80%
Applicable tool material HSS/Carbide
Applicable tool length 45mm~300mm
Applicable tool type 2F,3F Drill, 2F Step Drill, Flat Drill,
Ball End Mill 2-4 flutes, Radius End Mill2-4 flutes,
End Mill 2-6 flutes, Tap, Reamer
3F Countersink, Half End Mill, Engraver
2F-Chamfering Cutter, Flat Cutter, End Mill Cutting Edge,
Neck, Gun Drill
Display language Japanese/English/Korean/Chinese(traditional, simplified)/others