GriStar Series グライスター シリーズ プロのための自動工具研削盤

5 Axis automatic tool grinding machine GriStar SP

About GriStar SP

The GriStar SP is a grinding machine specialized in tool blade grinding.

It enables the final finish of the grinding process to be completed efficiently and the entire grinding process to be optimized. “Fast and accurate tool cutting” is the strong point of GriStar SP.

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GriStar SP の特徴

Outstanding operability

The GriStar SP is a user-friendly machine by its easy-to-view screen operation and ease of tool installation.

Also, the fully automatic grinding system ensures stable accuracy.

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Instant starting without programming

The GriStar SP is capable of storing data from over 10,000 items of tools. And the stored tool data can be easily retrieved with a screen touch.

It is also possible to manage the data by dividing it into folders according to its use, so the efficiency of data retrieving can be dramatically improved.

In addition, the tool installation is using the one chuck method, so it can be completed easily and in a short time without using other special tools.

5-axis simultaneously control

5-axis grinding simultaneously control enable accurate positioning of works, and makes it possible to perform special types of grinding that were only possible with skilled workers.

The 5-axis control allows grinding to be completed with a minimum movement line, also reduces the grinding time.

Use contact type block stylus for high-precision

The measurement accuracy supports the high-precision of grinding. The GriStar SP uses the block stylus in touch probe for high accuracy and high-speed measurement.

Faster and more accurate measurement of the cutting edge is now possible.

Higher work efficiency

The efficiency of the work time from mechanical design to completion of the work is of great benefit to the companies. With GriStar SP, you can easily retrieve the stored tool data and install a tool with one touch, which dramatically reduces the time from set-up to preparation.

When grinding a large variety of products or small lots, productive and a significant machining time difference can be made depending on work efficiency. It’s exactly a profitable tool grinding machine.

Even in narrow places

The GriStar SP has about 1/3 of the occupied area of a competitor’s grinder, remarkedly reducing the interference with other machines and problems with movement lines.

When replacing an existing machine, such as a grinder, the extra space allows for an efficient flow line.



Overall Description GriStarSP
Model number GSP
Dimensions W1000mmxD928mmxH1665mm
Net weight Approx. 460kg
Coolant tank dimensions
(Include mist collector)
Coolant tank weight Approx. 90kg
Power source 3Phase 200V 4.5kva (Japan)
Work chucking Spring collet
Work position detection Contact type touch probe
Operation Interactive 15-inch touch panel
Operation indicator lamp 4 lights (White: stand by, Green: in operation, Orange: warning, Red: emergency stop
Light inside LED(2,100lx)
Lubricant supply With automatic oiling pump
coolant oil (Water insoluble) oil based cutting fluid/ under 25cSt
Lubricant Sliding surface oil (ISO VG32 recommendation)
Control Axis Axis number 5 (X,Y,Z,C,A)
Control motor

A, C stepping motor with encoder

X, Y, Z Servo motor

X-Axis drive system Linear motion by ball screw
          Positioning control precision 0.002mm
          Max. moving speed 4.32m/min
       Max. moving distance 180mm
Y-Axis driving system Linear motion by ball screw
       Positioning control precision 0.002mm
       Max. moving speed 4.32m/min
       Max. moving distance 180mm
Z-Axis driving system Linear motion by ball screw
       Positioning control precision 0.002mm
       Max. moving speed 2.88m/min
       Max. moving distance 180mm
C-Axis driving system Belt drive
       Positioning control precision Approx.0.004°(1/255°)
       Max. rotation speed 6rpm
       Max. rotation angle +15°~ -90°
A-Axis driving system Belt drive
       Positioning control precision 0.006°
       Max. rotation speed 24rpm
       Max. rotation distance ∞(CCW)
Grinding wheel spindle Motor Magnet motor
Motor output 2.2kw
Drive system Belt drive
Control system Inverter control  3 steps tranmission
Spindle Made by Cyber RC
Wheel device Boss flange
Wheel material CBN/DIA
Wheel speed 1200 / 1800 / 2000 (m/min)
Stopping time Max. 7sec
Drill specification Grindable shape Right flute right hand; right flute torsion fee
Flute 2
Relief shape Flat/Cone/Flat C/Cone F/Flat Brad
Thinning shape X/R/XR/BN
Step part relief shape Flat/Cone/Cone2
Tip chamfer Flat/Cone/None
Step shoulder chamfer Flat relief/Cone relief possible only when step angle is 180°
Reamer Grindable shape Right flute right hand; right flute torsion free; right flute left hand
Flute 2~10 (2~6 when underΦ10)
Point shape 1st relief flat only/Flat
Edge grinding Grind/Not grind
Before shape Tip cut/Tip no cut